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P’ARIS: “Confidence”

If you could make a living as a professional whisperer, getting the call on a Thursday morning to head into the recording studio to get that name of the latest perfume or cologne on tape, would you?  Of course you would, could you imagine cocktail parties and folks asking what you do...

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Matt’s Bestest Songs of the Week: 8/10/15

Amidst calloused ankles and scary new neighbor ladies, our attempt at a weekly musical collage returns!  Read on for a simple list of songs that will help fuel you through your work and various conquerings. Ezra Furman – “I Can Change” (LCD Soundsystem Cover) Because:  The Chicago native keeps the spirit...

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Night Beds: “Corner”

If Night Beds’ debut record Country Sleep was a man coming out from a hibernation, blinking in the light, Winston Yellen’s upcoming followup Ivywild (out 8/07/15 on Dead Oceans) is set to be his stretch in the sun.  Or, at the very least, based on the three four singles he’s released from it...