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Late Night Poets – “My Darling”

  DON’T: haphazardly throw catchy songs that sound great into a playlist for someone you like in the romantic and naughty bits kind of way. DO: listen to the words in said songs before giving them to a significant other who will most likely read into what those words mean...


SHAW – “Where I’ve Been”

A cynical musical critic in his thirties might scoff and then exclaim a hearty guffaw at a retrospective song from a young man only in his twenties, but in the case of newcomer artist SHAW, that same leather faced old man would change his tune as soon as the two minute mark...

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Mythmakers: Mythmakers

When I like an album, there’s usually two elements that I notice: variety, and commonality. Those two may sound contradictory, but I don’t think that they are. On the Mythmakers album, for example, each song has individuality, from the folk, pop, rock, Americana, and even some Antler like sound in...

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Album Review: Mr Little Jeans – Pocketknife

I’m checking my affinity for director Wes Anderson at the door with my review of Mr Little Jeans’ debut LP “Pocketknife.” If I don’t, I’ll heap praise on Norwegian nightingale Monica Birkenes simply because she’s named her electro-pop project after a minor “Royal Tenenbaums” character, not because this is already...

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Album Review: Axxa/Abraxas — Axxa/Abraxas

One should definitely judge Axxa/Abraxas‘ self-titled album by its cover, resembling a page cribbed from some rough-hewn scrapbook of memories Scotch-taped with no particular rhyme or reason. In the wrong light, both the cover and the album could come across as nightmares about nostalgia. I’m not sure what made Athens,...

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