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Lower Dens: “To Die In L.A.”

I was reading This Is Your Brain On Music by Mr. Daniel Levitin a few days ago, and whenever music is described scientifically it always reminds me that all songs and albums are just, much like literature, all the same parts (in this case musical notes and words), just rearranged and put in...

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Lucy Rose: “Our Eyes”

Just a few days ago, as is the custom in land across the pond, BBC Radio premiered a bodacious new tune from Bombay Bicycle club prodige, Lucy Rose.  Her whafty wispy voice is still adorably there, on her new single “Our Eyes”, her vocals are covered in reverb, synth underflows...

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Video: Jungle – “Julia”

The two founding members of the London psychedelic funk band Jungle, Tom McFarland and Josh Lloyd-Watson, have been friends since they were nine, growing up next door and sharing every discovery of music together.  But it wasn’t until 2013 that the now seven-piece collective officially took the step to release some of...

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Moon King: “Apocalypse”

Canadians.  Phffff.  They harbor outrageous musical talent that seems to walk out of the wilderness fully formed and ready to divide and conquer airwaves like some sort of Hanna.  And they’re also fickle.  Sometimes Canadian music doesn’t cross the southern border until a year or two later, and all the while we Yanks...

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The Dodos: “Competition”

This is The Dodo’s sixth album!?  Where have the years gone?  I remember back when everyone was trying to figure out what that yellow thing on the Visiter cover art was (an over-brined pickle?).  Time has passed, but The Dodos brand of  deceptively complex propulsive rock has not.  Their newest collection...

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SOAK: “Sea Creatures”

When we declare, empirically, that Bridie Monds-Watson, aka the Derry, Ireland artist SOAK, sounds like a cheeky 12 year old Tracyanne Campbell (from Camera Obscura) on a solo gig, we mean it in the best way you can imagine.  Watson has been around for a couple years now, and has gained even...