White Sea: “Mountaineer”

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Morgan Kibby, heard famously on M83’s anthemic “Kim & Jessie”, and throughout 2008’s amazing Saturdays = Youth, is also White Sea; the atmospheric woman full of crescendos and harmonies and a similar obsession with the teenage spirit.  Here on “Mountaineer”, Kibby frames moments and builds upon their perspective until the last quarter of the song erupts and fades away with the wind.

White Sea – Mountaineer by fadedglamourblog

Morgan Kibby is still part of M83 and you can catch her on tour with Anthony Gonzalez and crew all this year.  In the meantime, listen to some remixes done both by and for her.

Young Blood (White Sea Remix) by Baril27

Lord Huron – When Will I See You Again (WS Remix) by White Sea

School of Seven Bells – Dust Devil (WS Remix) by White Sea

White Sea: Cannibal Love (School of Seven Bells Remix) by hardcandymusic


(This Frontier EP is available now)

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    Wow, great find. Did not know about White Sea before. Great mix of different styles.

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