Ladyhawke: “Black, White & Blue”

New Zealand’s Phillipa “Pip” Brown saw huge chart topping success celebrating her 2008 debut release, Ladyhawke (See: My Delirium, Magic, Dusk Till Dawn). So much so, we even heard an inkling of her here in the states…fame is lost in translation it seems. But considering Brown has overcome comas, Erysipeloid, severe allergies, and Asperger’s to be a musician, little can stop her. Her second album Anxiety is due out this very March 19th, and we even get a preview. “Black, and White & Blue” is missing the preferred oxford comma and a certain punch her previous works included, but it serves as a clarion wake-up call to how talented  Ladyhawke really is.  And The Big Pink remix of the track (downloadable below) adds some needed depth.


(Anxiety is available 3/19/12)

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The Wounded Jukebox

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  1. February 6, 2012

    […] Spin: The Big Pink Remix Ladyhawke’s ‘Black White & Blue’ ( “Black, White & Blue” ( what’s happening in Ladyhawke’s ‘Black White & […]

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