Villa Kang: “Hallucinating Arkansas”

I thoroughly enjoy the glitched-out, psychedelic grooves of bands like Villa Kang. This track “Hallucinating Arkansas” makes good use of an off-kilter snare loop and some guitar samples to create a chilled-out single. The song is the A-side to the band’s brand new 7-inch, and it’s good for bobbing your head and soaking in the vibe. If the sample here sounds familiar, that’s because it’s a warped and spun re-work of the best elements from Memoryhouse’s “To The Lighthouse.” “Hallucinating Arkansas” is a quality track, one that makes me wonder what we’ll hear from Villa Kang’s debut EP, which is set to be released on June 12. Download free below!

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  1. NJU says:

    this is sooo dope. love that you link to all their sites. just liked, followed and followed them.

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