Field Music: “A New Town”

Brothers Peter and David Brewis are the ever rotating core of Field Music, an English outfit that’s been running the album/tour laps for about 8 years now (wow 2004 was 8 years ago?). They’re well known for making understated gems that are insanely catchy, and more often than not, instrumentally so.  Take their new single “A New Town” for example.  It begins with a dreary scene, like of a parent sitting down their child to tell them about “when I was a young lad”.  Only, when these particular parents were young, they spent their pleasant nights in Spain, and their days in constant revelry with the Thunder Cats.  They. were. awesome.  The bass inlay of “A New Town” will gallop through your mind’s eye on a white steed of falsetto and luxuriate you with instrumental textures you never thought were possible.  It’s all a sign of things to come from their new album Plumb.  Which is actually amazing.

Be a dutiful child and listen to your cool-ass English parents.

(Plumb is available now from Memphis Industries)

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