Reptar: “Sebastian”

I’m not really sure how this track from Reptar could be any cooler. The Athens, Georgia foursome is set to release their debut full-length, Body Faucet, via Vagrant Records on May 1. “Sebastian” has got jangly guitars, chimes and synths, a cool percussion breakdown, a tropical vibe and plenty of good times to spare. Did I mention that their website is straight out of 1995? Yeah, these guys are all about having as much fun as possible — the goofier the better. I have a feeling that Body Faucet is going to be getting plenty of plays in my car later this Spring when the weather turns warm. Enjoy the taste of it below, where you can enter your email address for a free download, or just stream the heck out of “Sebastian!”

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2 Responses

  1. J.G.A.F says:

    I love you for this. Reptar is my favorite band. SUCH GOOD FUCKING VIBES FROM ALL OF THEIR SONGS! D:


  2. Ahh… so good to see these guys killing it lately. Thanks for spreading the word about a great group of guys from Athens, GA.

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