Pan: “John From New York”

If you were standing in a doorway, wary of life and its ways, this song/band would cause you to walk into a room full of strangers without trepidation.  Pan was initially formed in 2010 by guitarists and high-school buddies, Ian Flegas and Nate Steward, later joined by Ryan Hutchens and Dylan Dickerson on bass and drums.  They named themselves Pan primarily I would like to think, for the movie Hook, but also because the name and the music the band creates can give you a feeling that “happy thoughts make you fly”.  Which is not at all cheesy once you hear them.  Turns out it’s a pledge.

On August 28th the band will release their debut album, These Are the Things I Love and I Want To Share Them With You via Post-Echo Records, and boy is it an amazing record.  There are little vocals to speak of; the exception being “John From New York” and a short anthem chorus on “Mom and Me versus You and Dad”, but honestly you won’t miss them.  The instrumental work, and the places it takes your brain are full of color, imagery, and blinding light.  In the clouds you’ll be.

 (photo by Alexis Schwallier)

You can stream These Are the Things I Love and I Want To Share Them With You right here, and download the song that hooked us in; “John From New York” below for free (with a right click).

Pan – John From New York

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