Tegan and Sara: “Closer”

As best as I can remember, I started listening to Tegan and Sara because of a girl. Everyone, guy or girl, probably has a band or two like this. But, sucker as I am for heart on sleeve lyrics and well-crafted melodies, these Canadian sisters quickly became far more than just a tool to make a girl like me. And so I’ve followed the talented identical twins since those early days, and was rather excited when news of a new album began to percolate on the interwebs.The new record, we now know, will be out in January 2013, and “Closer” is the first taste.

There are dueling ideas behind this song, and which one’s right apparently depends on which sister you ask. One says it’s a makeout or *ahem* horizontal mambo song. The other says it’s a tale about the time of love in the age of playground crushes and “check ‘yes’ or ‘no'” type notes. One alludes to a physical act, the other to an emotional connection. I like to think it’s some cosmic blend between the two. The song, on the other hand, has radio hit written all over it, as it bounces along from start to finish with plenty of energy. I enjoyed it, hopefully you will too.

“Closer” will be officially out on September 25. Stream it below!

(Photo credit: Lindsey Byrnes)

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  1. Sidney says:

    I love you TEGAN AND SARA

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