Lapland: “Unwise”


(photo by Susan Pittard)

If ever there was just a blatantly obvious ploy to feed your ears candy, and get them all fattened up on sugary harmonies and ambient drifting clouds of audio goodness, “Unwise” by Brooklyn’s Lapland is the even more obvious version of it.  Josh Mease has mastered the art of transporting himself outside of his NYC bedroom to green valleys and flowing streams, and writes songs that will do the same for you when you listen.  “Unwise” is just ridiculously mellow and slow-mo-dancing good.

It’s the first step to Mease’s debut and self-titled album out March 26th on Hundred Pockets Records.  I’ve become very excited to hear more from Mease.  March can’t come soon enough!

Download “Unwise” for free below.

Lapland Track List

01. Unwise
02. Overboard
03. Aeroplane
04. Drink Me Dry
05. Memory
06. Where Did It GO
07. Fountains
08. Metal Lungs
09. Soldier
10. LaLaLa

Lapland - Lapland


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