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Jhameel: “Let’s Run Away”

And so this bounding electro-pop number finishes off the latest five-week free-song series from California’s own Jhameel. “Let’s Run Away” makes good use of a boom-pop drum loop and plenty of dramatic echo effects on Jhameel’s strong-as-usual vocals. While the first song in the Are You Free series asked the...


Jhameel: “A Maiden Calling”

“A Maiden Calling,” the latest installment in Jhameel‘s five-week series of songs entitled Are You Free, is another living, breathing synth-pop song. The kind you might get yelled at for blaring from your stereo at midnight on a Tuesday to absorb the dream-like beats and echoing vocals. Total hypothetical there....


Jhameel: “Are You Free”

Jhameel really embraces his anthemic side on his brand new single “Are You Free,” which is the title track and first of a series of five songs to be released — one each week — over the next five weeks, just like he did with his excellent series “Waves” this...

Video: Jhameel — “Waves” 0

Video: Jhameel — “Waves”

It’s been about six weeks since Jhameel released the video for the funky-as-hell “Shut Up” from last Summer’s Dance EP, and now we have the first clip for a song from the free EP WAVES the California native released one week at a time this past Winter. The keyboard line...

Video: Jhameel — “Shut Up” 0

Video: Jhameel — “Shut Up”

Honestly, I had a hard time choosing which Jhameel song to place in my Best Songs of 2011 list. But when reviewing all of the material that this San Francisco twenty-something released last year — 20 tracks, and all of it given away for free, I might add — the...


Jhameel: “Pursuit of Glory”

For those who were expecting, perhaps, another funky, danceable track as the conclusion to Jhameel’s five-week series WAVES, “Pursuit of Glory” will come as a complete surprise. But a pleasant one. It is little more than man and guitar, and a little keyboard thrown in for good measure. This track...