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The Best Songs of 2011: Sean’s List

Here is my list of the songs I liked best in 2011, which will be the last one we offer here. I only adhered to three rules with this list, really: 1. The song had to be officially released in 2011,  2. I could only select one song for any...


The Best Songs of 2011: Matt’s List

I’d like to keep it simple in order to celebrate the music, not a blogger’s blatherings.  And I’ve included videos, because in most cases, the songs were discovered through them.  I hope you see a few you like! To Listen: [Spotify Playlist] 50. Future Islands – “Give Us The Wind”...


The Best Songs of 2011 (So Far): Allison’s List

This year is over halfway over? Unbelievable. I haven’t even put away all of my winter clothes and the summer is sweating through the windows. The whirlwind year has spit me out just in time to list out a few of my top songs of 2011. Making this list was...


The Best Songs of 2011 (So Far): Cole’s List

If my top songs of the year are an indication of anything, it’s that it’s been an interesting and eclectic year for music. Many of the biggest artists in music released albums in the first part of this year, which has made it one of the most exciting starts to...


The Best Songs of 2011 (So Far): Sean’s List

Before I got The Wounded Jukebox rolling, I used to make my own lists of favorite songs and albums from every year. Since TWJ didn’t exist, what usually ended up happening is that I made mixes for friends with each of my top songs on it, sometimes in different orders...