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The 15 Best Music Videos of 2015

We are more than a little obsessed with music videos here at TWJ, in this case taking more than four months to seek out, weed through, and compile all of the music videos that came out in 2015.  Arya Stark got superpowers, Microsoft Word’s paperclip got some righteous revenge, Emma Stone...


Dan Croll: “One Of Us”

Dan Croll crafts melodic pop songs in such a way that his output seems almost effortless. But constructions like “One Of Us” — the first new song from Croll since his 2014 debut album — don’t happen by accident or without the kind of talent this Liverpool native possesses. Croll’s new...


Matt’s Bestest Songs of the Week: 10/16/15 [Deluxe Late Edition]

In the apologetic spirit that comes with being late and tardy to an important class, I bring you donuts and coffee in the form of extra songs that will frighten, enrapture, and soothe you; almost exactly like what donuts and coffee and a Behavioral Neuroscience class should do.  From English box...