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Matt’s Bestest Songs of the Week: 10/16/15 [Deluxe Late Edition]

In the apologetic spirit that comes with being late and tardy to an important class, I bring you donuts and coffee in the form of extra songs that will frighten, enrapture, and soothe you; almost exactly like what donuts and coffee and a Behavioral Neuroscience class should do.  From English box...


Rhian Sheehan: “Little Sines”

If this is the kind of melody that gets stuck in Rhian Sheehan‘s mind — as he admits here — he is a lucky man to have such beautiful music soundtracking his everyday life. I would like to hear the tunes that are more fleeting for Sheehan, too; those moments...


Lymbyc Systym: “Falling Together”

The limbic system is a series of structures in the brain that is thought to control stuff like emotion, behavior and even smell. It’s a complex part of our anatomy, the understanding of which is constantly changing.  Lymbyc Systym is, of course, interested in musical structures, but the results can...