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Matt’s Bestest Songs of the Week: 8/10/15

Amidst calloused ankles and scary new neighbor ladies, our attempt at a weekly musical collage returns!  Read on for a simple list of songs that will help fuel you through your work and various conquerings. Ezra Furman – “I Can Change” (LCD Soundsystem Cover) Because:  The Chicago native keeps the spirit...


Chad VanGaalen: “Where Are You?”

Chad VanGaalen’s music is probably as weird and far down the audiological odd I go.  I’ve had stints where I’ve become obsessed with Bulgarian Women’s choirs, but at least that’s normal for someone, somewhere (mainly just a really small portion of Bulgaria).  But in the public realm, VanGaalen is occasionally...


Mainland: “Shiner”

(photo by George Brooks) There’s always that one person that doesn’t thank you for holding the door, or gives you more ice in your drink than is necessary, or doesn’t move their satchel off the seat next to them when the train is full, or parks their cart  in the...