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Mew: “Satellites”

All of the articles commenting on the amazing new Mew single, “Satellites”, are noting how long it’s been since we last heard from the Danish stadium prog-rockers.  But for ardent fans, these six years of waiting has felt like much longer due to the band’s reclusive habits (but bassist Johan Wohlert is back!)....


Matt’s Bestest Songs Of The Week: 4/14/13

(photo by Kuba Ryniewicz) Quadron – “Hey Love” Because:  I would also like to pin Love down by the shoulders and demand it answer a few questions and ‘splain a few things.   Suburban Living – “Always Eyes” Because: I’m a huge sucker for that whole singing and playing in the...


Matt’s Bestest Songs of The Week: 3/29/13

  I’m on Spring Break (kinda sorta), but I still can’t get away from great music.  Only fair to share it with you fine, fine people.  Please enjoy. A Mighty Wind – “God Only Knows” (Beach Boys Cover) Because:  In the opening moments of a gorgeous game, we get a...