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Matt’s Bestest Songs of the Week: 4/22/13

(photo by Brooke Smith) Bonobo – “Stay The Same” Because: This is very much the most perfect song at this point in time.   Mr. Little Jeans – “Oh Sailor” (ft. The Silverlake Conservatory of Music Youth Chorale) Because:  I wouldn’t mind a class of kindergarteners having my back when...


Psychic Lines: “Ritual Mask”

Maybe it’s that bouncing piano melody, or maybe it’s the way it hides the somewhat somber mood of the song. Or perhaps it’s the rumble of the drums and that lazy guitar floating through the mix. More than likely, it’s all those elements and the way they’re blended together nicely...


Menomena: “Heavy Is As Heavy Does”

And then there were two. Now a duo instead of a trio, Portland band Menomena have given everyone a taste of their fifth studio album with this ultimate slow-burner “Heavy Is As Heavy Does.” With the subtraction of member Brent Knopf, the story goes that the band’s two remaining members...