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The Best Songs of 2015 (So Far): Matt’s List

It’s hard to remember when I listened to music less than I have in the portion of 2015 we’ve had so far.  Even when I was a kid, I’m sure I had more exposure to the sonant word from Sesame Street and Lambchop’s Play-Along.  But what I have found has been pretty gosh darn...


Matt’s Bestest Songs of The Week: 3/29/13

  I’m on Spring Break (kinda sorta), but I still can’t get away from great music.  Only fair to share it with you fine, fine people.  Please enjoy. A Mighty Wind – “God Only Knows” (Beach Boys Cover) Because:  In the opening moments of a gorgeous game, we get a...


Matt’s Bestest Songs of the Week: 3/13/13

 (photo by Andrew Collins) This week’s episode of Bestest Songs is dedicated to one of my literary heroines, Wendy Roby, who wrote her last singles column this past Monday after four years of highlighting.  I’ve mentioned her a few times before in this feature’s short run, always borrowing a song or...