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Matt’s Bestest Songs of the Week: 9/25/15

Welcome to one of those rare weeks where there’s really no clever anecdotes worth jotting before getting to the music.  If there’s a demand, I’ll make sure you get a thoughtful and morose entry every single entry afterwards, but I’m fairly certain you’re feeling just as placid as I am.  How about that...


Matt’s Bestest Songs of the Week: 3/13/13

 (photo by Andrew Collins) This week’s episode of Bestest Songs is dedicated to one of my literary heroines, Wendy Roby, who wrote her last singles column this past Monday after four years of highlighting.  I’ve mentioned her a few times before in this feature’s short run, always borrowing a song or...


Local Hero: “Black & White”

The kids are all grown up. Berkeley, California youngsters Local Hero are set to release their debut full-length very soon, and have provided a taste in the song we’re sharing here, “Black & White.” This band has never had problems with awesome guitar harmonies, and “Black & White” does not...