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Double Review: Laura Marling – Once I Was An Eagle

Is Laura Marling‘s fourth record stuck in a holding pattern?  Or does Once I Was An Eagle reach new heights? Find out in our Double Review.   England’s pale lady has always sounded more like a medium rather than any typical singer-songwriter.  The stereotypical “girl-with-guitar-will-sing” archetype has never fit her; even...


Matt’s Bestest Songs of The Week: 3/29/13

  I’m on Spring Break (kinda sorta), but I still can’t get away from great music.  Only fair to share it with you fine, fine people.  Please enjoy. A Mighty Wind – “God Only Knows” (Beach Boys Cover) Because:  In the opening moments of a gorgeous game, we get a...


Video: Beach House – “Wishes”

It doesn’t get much better in the land of music videos than this; however tongue-in-cheek the new video for Beach House is, the end result is glorious and a downright tearjerker. Directed by Eric Wareheim (of Tim And Eric fame), the official clip for “Wishes” off of 2012’s Bloom features Ray Wise, in...