Category: World Music


Josephine Foster & The Victor Herrero Band: Perlas

Josephine Foster & The Victor Herrero Band bring a taste of folk music from Spain behind the enchanting voice of Josephine Foster. I especially like record player sound that you might have heard back in the day. I’ve been to Spain, but I was an idiot college student and didn’t...


Spoek Mathambo: “Let Them Talk”

The forefather of Township Tech is back with a brand new album, Father Creeper via Sub Pop Records.  If you’ve heard of Spoek Mathambo before, it might have been through his other projects with Sweat.X or PLAYDOE, or through his gagillion collaborations and DJ gigs all around Europe and Africa.  The guy...


Sigur Ros: “Ekki Mukk”

If you’re in the market for a new song from Sigur Rós, you’re in for 7 minutes and 46 seconds of luck. “Ekki Múkk” is much like the standard fare from the Icelandic group, which based on who you talk to, is either perfect for sleepy time, or the most angelic...