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Day Wave: “Stuck”

If lost flannel-clad souls ever needed a spirit guide, they could turn to Jackson Phillips, who will surreptitiously don his alter-ego mantle as Day Wave, and carry them to the promised land of tunage on a fuzz tide of rhythm guitar and stereo vocals.  Suspiciously, the Oakland native manages to knock...


The Best Songs of 2015: Matt’s List

20. The Staves – “Blood I Bled” Because: It took courage when this band of sisters released this song as their very first single from their debut record If I Was; “Blood I Bled” begins in a cloud of morose and dismal epithets, but shines increasingly brighter and more complex until...


The Best Songs of 2015 (So Far): Matt’s List

It’s hard to remember when I listened to music less than I have in the portion of 2015 we’ve had so far.  Even when I was a kid, I’m sure I had more exposure to the sonant word from Sesame Street and Lambchop’s Play-Along.  But what I have found has been pretty gosh darn...