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Matt’s 15 Favorite Songs of 2016 (So Far)

15. John Williams – “The Scavenger” Because:  It’s our first audiological introduction to Rey, Darth Plagueis’ granddaughter (not really), on screen.  And it’s such a beautiful and memorable thing. [John Williams Fan Network] 14. Empress Of – “Woman Is A Word” Because:  This song makes me believe I understand said...


AURORA: “Conqueror”

If you’re a fan of fútbol, or live anywhere in the world besides the States and Papua New Guinea, you’ve likely gotten your mitts on a copy of FIFA 16 at this point, …goal, whatever.  So you would likely know that the arguably best bit of the franchise is the matchmaking:...


Day Wave: “Stuck”

If lost flannel-clad souls ever needed a spirit guide, they could turn to Jackson Phillips, who will surreptitiously don his alter-ego mantle as Day Wave, and carry them to the promised land of tunage on a fuzz tide of rhythm guitar and stereo vocals.  Suspiciously, the Oakland native manages to knock...